YSoft integrate multiple office solutions, reduce costs, improve productivity and increase document security. Serving Los Angeles County, California

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 Introducing the YSoft SafeQ 6 Platform

Today’s organizations are looking for ways to work smarter when implementing enterprise office solutions. Organizations need a platform to integrate multiple office solutions, reduce costs, improve productivity and increase document security. To our YSoft SafeQ platform, in addition to print management, we now add document capture/workflow and 3D print management.

Document Capture & Workflow Productivity

Taking the complexity out of scanning – with accurate data capture, processing and digital distribution to SharePoint & Dropbox for Business.

The YSoft Workflow Suite includes OCR (optical character recognition) plus add-on connectors for other popular on-premise/cloud document storage such as Google Drive, Box for Business and Microsoft OneDrive.
Document Capture & Workflow Productivity

Download the YSoft SafeQ 6 infographic to find out what’s new in the platformDownload

Cost Reduction Innovations

Building on YSoft SafeQ’s Print Roaming module, Client Based Print Roaming (CBPR) handles the complex print tasks locally on the client eliminating costly servers. CBPR also means less servers and original Offline Remote Spoolers can be used together in one installation. Two to four times less servers helps reduce the overall cost of print service costs.

Greater cost efficiency can be obtained by sharing infrastructure costs across multiple companies with secure, data isolation – using a single instance of YSoft SafeQ – we call thisMultitenancy.

Cost Reduction Innovations

Cost Effective, Mobile Access to Print Services

The YSoft Mobile Terminal app for iOS and Android, is a cost-effective way to include inexpensive devices in an organization’s print management system. The Mobile Terminal app serves as the device terminal giving users access to embedded terminal functionality at no cost.

Access also means being able to use any printer without worrying about having the “right” print driver (also a major, expensive source of IT help desk tickets). The YSoft Universal Print Driver eliminates the need for brand specific print drivers.

Cost Effective, Mobile Access to Print Services


3D Printer For Education With Featured Print Management – An Industry First

Specifically designed for education, YSoft be3D eDee is the first 3D printer with print management, workflow process and accounting. Thanks to a seamless integration with YSoft SafeQ, educational institutions now have one centralized print management and billing system across 2D and 3D printers.

3D Printer For Education With Featured Print Management – An Industry First

The YSoft SafeQ 6 Suites – 4 modular offerings

Modular and Flexible to Meet your Needs Today and in the Future


Which Suite is right for you?

YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Suite

Ideal for organizations looking for both print management and document capture. YSoft SafeQ Enterprise Suite combines centralized enterprise print management with advanced document capture and workflow processes in a single solution, maximizing productivity, reducing costs and increasing document security.

YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suite

Developed for organizations looking to manage and optimize their print enviroments. YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suite provides organizations with a centralized enterprise print management solution designed to reduce the costs of print services, increase document security and improve workflow productivity through a set of core document scanning features.

For organizations focused on document capture and workflow without the benefits of print management. YSoft SafeQ Workflow Suite takes the complexity out of scanning and document workflow. Combining YSoft Safe Q’s core and advanced document capture features, organizations can work smarter and maximize productivity while using digital workflow processes that result in consistent, accurate data capture.

YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suite LD

Organizations that wish to deploy print management on small, often inexpensive printers need a solution whose cost doesn’t outweigh the benefits. YSoft SafeQ Print Management Suite LD (limited devices) provides all the benefits of a centralized print management solution, with core document capture features, for select multifunction devices.