Voice biometrics

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Voice biometrics

When the interaction starts with an effortless authentication process you’re free to deliver real value to the customer.

By the numbers Stronger authentication
Your customer’s voice is analyzed for hundreds of unique characteristics that are then compared to the voiceprint on file. By design, voice authentication overcomes the security issues facing knowledge-based authentication today.

Easy and secure, voice biometrics delivers an effortless experience.

The benefits.

Simpler authentication. Wipe out fraud.
With much less pain and effort for the customer, they feel more in control. And a happier customer is a more valuable customer. Knowledge-based security is nearing obsolescence. Voice biometrics is the chance to start again from scratch. It’s not a patch. It’s not a reboot.

Whether it’s shorter call times, increased functionality, or the ability to do amazing new things with your mobile apps, voice authentication can deliver from day one.


Voice biometrics by the numbers.

49% of users say authentication is time-consuming. 67% of mobile users reset passwords at least once a month. 85% of users are frustrated with existing authentication. 80% faster authentication in 5 seconds. $15M savings over a three-year period. 90% of users prefer voice biometrics over the status quo.