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uMerge is a software plug-in to Adobe InDesign CC for graphic communicators to create document templates that can be used to generate personalized or customized printed pieces.

utomate the flow of data into your template

Personalize Adobe InDesign Documents.

Engage with personalized print, driving greater impact and results.

Extend the power of InDesign.

Seamlessly integrate with InDesign to transform creative designs into powerful, customized and personalized documents.

Take design as far as your imagination will go.

Enjoy the full creative power of Adobe InDesign with no compromise on creativity.

Simplify database publishing.

Merge the latest data with your design templates.

Collaborate with professional print providers.

Remotely connect to XMPie server solutions and move jobs smoothly and natively for high-end production.

Scale to support your business growth.

Compatible with all XMPie desktop and server solutions.

Use data to drive your design.  Using the XMPie plug-in palette within InDesign, link to a data source such as an Excel® or CSV file to turn your static elements, such as text, text on a curve, character styles, images and layers into fully-dynamic elements. No programming skills are needed – A simple, menu-driven approach helps in creating logic that will drive the variability of the design.

Simplify your work!

Direct Mail



Direct Mail Catalogs Invitations
Motivate recipients to respond with personalized direct mail campaigns. Automate the flow of data into your template to create endless catalog versions. Personalize invitations to convey your message with impact and style.

Are you a graphic communicator who wants to focus on design and not manual versioning?

Hear from David Blatner, Founder of InDesign Secrets.