Total Mobility

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Total Mobility

More and more organizations are recognizing the immense business benefits that come with increased mobility. Mobility is essential to staying connected to your customers and your team; it enables you to be as productive away from your desk as when you are at your desk.

Today, CompleteCloud is enabling our clients to work in any place, at any time and on any device. With CompleteCloud all you need is an Internet-enabled device, such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet and Internet connectivity to connect with your colleagues and clients from the beach, an airport or an off-site location. It doesn’t matter where you are, productivity and efficiency will never be compromised.

Avatara has the expert knowledge and proven resources to deliver enterprise-grade cloud mobility solutions that can improve the way you work. CompleteCloud will provide your business with greater collaboration, improved responsiveness and better performance. Your employees no longer have to be chained to their desk to access file servers, shared databases and all of your applications. They can be accessed at LAN speeds regardless of their location, all while applications and data reside on our high performance, secured servers.

Total mobility benefits:

  • Enable offline access to corporate data
  • Achieve greater employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Increase the productivity of your workforce
  • Optimize your business workflows
  • Improve overall business performance
  • Allow for greater collaboration between employees