Technology Stack

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Technology Stack


Provide your customers with a technology experience like none other.

Collabrance helps end-users meet their goals by taking the pain out of IT and solving their technology problems. Our service approach results in faster resolutions, fewer repetitive issues, and peace of mind. An interactive team structure allows great familiarity with customer accounts so we can deliver a personalized experience.

Data Protection


Customized data backup and recovery.

Secure and affordable email and mobile solutions.

Businesses understand the importance of backing up data and storing a copy offsite, but may struggle with effective execution. We fully administer and manage enterprise-level solutions, and take it one step further with regular testing to ensure successful backup and recovery of critical assets. Communication is the backbone of your business operation. Quality email and mobility platforms allow businesses to communicate with co-workers and customers, share files, and work remotely. We simplify administration and help customers use these technologies in a secure way.




Centralized management of application issues.

U.S. Based Service Desk with a live-voice answer.

Software and applications are critical to make businesses run, but can be a headache to manage and troubleshoot. We provide a single point of contact and will manage customers’ application issues. Businesses need a support team they trust to provide advice, resolve issues quickly, and proactively fix problems. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians coupled with proven support processes deliver a consistent, relationship based high quality service experience. Click here for more information.




Protection from the latest threats.

Reliable, current technology at a fixed monthly cost.

Viruses, spyware, phishing, hacking, denial of service, and many other attacks threaten business networks every day. From the edge of a network, to each individual endpoint, we provide several layers of security to protect assets and data so customers can have peace of mind their information is safe. A well-maintained and up-to-date infrastructure can improve efficiency, reduce security risks, and reduce total cost of ownership. We developed a Lifecycle Management Plan to provide customers with current technology at an affordable monthly price.