Square 9 SmartSearch Enterprise Content Management Serving Sacramento County California


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SmartSearch Enterprise Content Management

From small business applications to enterprise solutions, organizations that depend on document-intensive processes rely on the cloud-enabled SmartSearch to streamline their workflows. The easy-to-use solution is customizable to address the most common business problems. Eliminate inefficient paper processes and increase productivity with the modular design of SmartSearch.

Square 9 GlobalAction

Next generation Workflow has arrived! With its graphical approach, GlobalAction creates and maintains a variety of workflow processes, from the very basic to the most complex. An entire Workflow can be seen at a glance, even with detailed branching. Additionally, designated Workflow Properties introduce added security and process specific values to a record, while simplifying the overall database design.

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GF v6.1 Header

GlobalForms puts the power of web form creation at your fingertips by providing anyone with appropriate security the ability to create rich and dynamic web based forms. Create a variety of eForms specific to your company from expense reports to patient registration and time sheets. With GlobalForms, automatically route forms, send email notification, and circulate for approval.

QBconnections vWeb

Square 9’s QuickBooks Connections is a highly advanced, cost-effective solution designed to streamline and facilitate your accounting processes. QuickBooks Connections provides seamless integration allowing users to create bills, route invoices and distribute documents from SmartSearch in tandem with their QuickBooks® accounting software.

Capture Workflow

Automate your documents through a user-friendly capture system developed to create and maintain document capture and distribution. Capture Workflow gives you high-quality batch processing capabilities for data extraction from faxes, email, scanned images, and other digital records. Control the flow of information as processed documents are delivered within and outside of SmartSearch.



As the next generation of ECM technology, GlobalSearch C2 is a managed cloud infrastructure, extending the reach of your document management installation. GlobalSearch C2 is optimized to deliver anywhere, anytime access, regardless of your web platform. From any modern browser, through your desktop or mobile device, GlobalSearch C2 keeps the flow of your business information moving.


GlobalSync offers the Square 9 community a unique hybrid approach to document management that combines the power of an on premise application with the flexibility of cloud based document storage. GlobalSync acts as a cloud gateway, connecting a customer’s Amazon S3 repository to the SmartSearch server platform.


Image XChange is the advanced solution for content enabling your core business applications. Leveraging its integration power, business users can quickly access critical content to make informed decisions regardless of the application they are running. Find and retrieve documents quickly and effortlessly by utilizing the convenient content search capabilities of Image XChange.

KeyFree IndexingRonald_Slider v03-16

An advanced OCR data capture tool, KeyFree Indexing turns a scanned image into text, allowing you to file documents effortlessly in seconds. With the click of a button, extract alphabetical or numerical data to streamline indexing processes directly into SmartSearch. Eliminate the opportunity for manual entry error while rapidly capturing accurate data with KeyFree Indexing.


Powerful image enhancement options, page registration for the correction of paper shifts during the scanning process, and confidence based reporting are just a few of the tools that combine to ensure you are getting the highest quality data extraction from your documents. Optical Character Recognition capabilities provide you with reliable high-quality data extraction.


GlobalCapture allows users to quickly and easily feed scanned images into SmartSearch while utilizing the fully integrated batch processing tools of the Capture Workflow module. Transform paper-based files into convenient digital images through our influential scanning software. Eliminate document build up in your office, while driving an extraction of valuable data from a high quality scanned image.

Square 9 Header Konica Minolta Image

GlobalCapture bEST simplifies document centric tasks by creating highly efficient workflows that start at the touch panel of your bEST enabled Konica Minolta MFP Streamline the flow of business information in your office by leveraging the power of GlobalCapture directly from the touch panel of your bEST enabled Konica Minolta device.

Office Workflow for Sharp OSA

The easy-to-use graphical interface of our GlobalCapture for Sharp OSA-enabled devices permits users to access Capture Workflow scripts created in SmartSearch directly from the touch panel display. With a variety of provided tools, this equipment integration allows users to automate image capture and distribution processes.

GlobalCapture SXP

GlobalCapture sXP provides a real-time capture solution that improves collaboration while sharing document information with other business applications. With GlobalCapture sXP anyone with access to the MFP can initiate a workflow that captures images, extracts high value data and notifies users of a pending workflow activity. The result is an office environment that’s less complicated, more efficient, and more profitable.