Smart Search


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Smart Search

SmartSearch Enterprise Content Management


All documents are securely deposited in Archives you designate. You dictate permissions guaranteeing compliance while ensuring that documents are available 24/7. You determine who will have access to your files and what can be done with them.


Reduce paper consumption by storing all of your documents in a centralized content repository. SmartSearch’s broad adaptability allows you to store both scanned and electronic documents including PDF, JPG, TIF, Word, Excel, Outlook files and more.


Drive efficiency by streamlining repetitive business processes including document routing, notification and approval. Time spent searching for documents is drastically minimized resulting in increased productivity and reduced spending.

A Quick Introduction to SmartSearch

Benefitsof Document Management

  • Eliminate paper-based filing systems
  • Streamline business processes
  • Automate document routing and notifications
  • Increase document security and compliance
  • Easily share and collaborate on documents
  • And much more…


Global Search

Now with KeyFree Indexing capabilities, GlobalSearch extends the reach of your SmartSearch installation beyond traditional LAN, WAN or VPN access by delivering anywhere, anytime access to documents from any browser or mobile device.

Global Action

GlobalAction is Square 9’s next generation Business Process Management engine, scaling easily across organizations of all sizes with the ability to map business process designs from any modern browser through a drag and drop interface.

Global Analytics

GlobalAnalytics provides dashboard views of your GlobalAction process queues, giving you instantaneous visibility into your transactional activity.

Security & Audting

Granular security in SmartSearch integrates with Active Directory greatly streamlining administration and providing users with single sign-on access. The built in audit trail proves your security is working by logging all document actions by date and user.

Capture Workflow

Automate the capture and indexing of documents from any source including Multi-function Printers, desktop scanners and line of business print output, using intelligent batch separation, image cleanup, zonal OCR and barcode recognition to eliminate the need for user intervention.

Data XChange

Using a key piece of data, SmartSearch can perform a database lookup either internally or to any OLEDB or ODBC compliant database to re-purpose data into SmartSearch index fields, saving time and eliminating indexing errors.

On-Demand Localization

In addition to English and Romanian, both SmartSearch and GlobalSearch now include options for French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German languages, enhancing global readiness through localization.

MFP Intergration

Integrate with any product, including direct connectors. Gain full capture-and-retrieval support right from the control panel of any current version of a Konica Minolta®, Toshiba®, or OKI® multi-functional printer, which acts as the catalyst for workflow automation.

SmartSearch supports direct access to documents via the API, which is designed to be used by service accounts, specifically for the new GlobalAction workflow engine. This option allows API access to circumvent search security for specific users.

Professional Edition

The perfect electronic document management software solution for Small to Medium Business (SMB) and departmental applications. With its modular design, the Professional Edition offers maximum flexibility in both pricing and configuration by allowing organizations to select only the tools needed for their specific business application.

Corporate Edition

Designed for organizations looking to leverage the full spectrum of what SmartSearch has to offer. As a comprehensive solution which includes licensing for disaster recovery and test bench applications, the Corporate Edition delivers a tremendous balance of value and enterprise class functionality.