Avatara was founded in 2005 to create a game-changing solution to the problems businesses were experiencing with their traditional IT infrastructure. The founding partners recognized that businesses were drowning in an ever increasing pool of outages and costs while struggling to advance their strategic business initiatives. The unique Avatara approach to IT infrastructure frees the business from the burden of IT and allows focus on core competencies.


Dynamic Interactive Engagement to Streamline Operations
In many businesses today, poor communication between systems and human injects unnecessary delays, inefficiencies, and low satisfaction rates. And, reliance on outmoded communication methods such as traditional fax machines also yields unnecessary costs. What if you had a solution that bridged the gap between your systems and the important people in your business process — your customers, team members, suppliers, partners, and more?


Remote IT Project Management
Go ahead, give your technicians the night off.

Struggling to find time to take care of that Office 365 migration?
Or how about those pesky service pack installations?
Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting.


EFI Self-Serve and Payment System
Perfect for self-serve environments where patrons pay for services, university libraries, retail stores, copy and print shops and hospitality businesses.


FaxCore enables the entire office, from fax machines to MFPs and Desktop PCs FaxCore has more native connectors for MFPs than anyone. Eliminate phone lines, even at the fax machine, and reduce cost.


SRC Solutions Gateway Suite is the culmination of 15 years of research, development and customer deployment providing the only one stop shop for Student Lifecycle Management in K12.

Gateway Suite is comprised of eight independent yet completely integrated process workflow solutions for K12 schools and districts along with six add-on modules for additional functionality.


Objectif Lune-Logo-HR

Objectif Lune develops open, flexible and enjoyable software intended to free customers from their inflexible IT infrastructure. We offer solutions for the composition, multi-channel distribution and management of any personalised business document or customer communications, independent of hardware compatibility and with full automation capability.


Xelleration, moves at the speed of innovation. As an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Xelleration combines creativity and technical skills to provide the best innovative solutions to increase productivity, streamline workflow and reduce costs for our clients.