Registration Gateway Version 3.0

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Registration Gateway Version 3.0

Announcing Registration Gateway Version 3.0 is here delivering exciting functionality such as:

  • One Touch Family Scanning
  • Enhance SSO integration with SAML 2.0
  • Complete Change Management with history and audit tracking
  • Partial Record Sealing for undocumented and refugee situation
  • Intelligent Address Collection
  • and much much more…


The Registration Gateway Difference:

  • Options to Eliminate Parent Meetings
  • Accurate Parent Addresses all the time through the Type Ahead Address process
  • DOD standard Document Management for FERPA compliance
  • Supporting Document Scanning and Upload
  • Electronic Cumulative Folder Creation
  • Real-Time Data Flow to your SIS

Announcing Registration Gateway named Top 100 product by District Administration Magazine for 2014.


There’s a better way with Registration Gateway.

Once the sultry days of summer come to a screeching halt, teachers and secretaries return to the daunting task of organizing students’ paperwork. Over the last decade, filing documents has taken up a fair chunk of time and money while also leaving a wide margin of error, which prevents schools from receiving financial incentives. Luckily, there is a solution that can streamline workloads and eliminate errors: SRC Solutions Registration Gateway.

The only true paperless solution of its kind, Registration Gateway streamlines student registration, re-enrollment and information tracking into a simple, intuitive process. By digitizing and automatically integrating data into existing student information systems, Registration Gateway saves money, increases compliance, mitigates legal and disaster risk and creates new funding opportunities.

What is Registration Gateway?

Since America began its march toward eco-friendly paper alternatives, many companies have cropped up offering digital solutions to corporations, schools and hospitals. However, not all digital platforms are created equal. Unlike many platforms on the market, Registration Gateway boasts wide-reaching benefits, many of which can be seen just months following implementation. In essence, it’s the only true paperless solution.

Here’s a rundown of the perks:

  • Minimizing workloads: Registration Gateway eases workloads from administration  to parents at the school.  Registration Gateway streamlines registration, re-enrollment and information tracking.
  • Preventing losses: Registration Gateway’s digital solution can help prevent lost files and mismanaged documents at the school.
  • Saving money: Often, schools aren’t able to hit their goals for receiving compliance incentives with manual data collection processes. However, this software supports these aims, making it possible to obtain more money that can be put back into the classroom.
  • Freeing up staff: Traditionally, the estimated time to input one student’s data is roughly two hours. Now, registration can be handled in mere minutes, freeing up more staff and resources.
  • Eliminating paper storage: Registration Gateway saves schools from having to pay money for storage of paper documents.
  • Minimizing FERPA Compliance risks: Enhanced data and document permissions ensure only document and data owners have access to sensitive information.

How does it work?

Out of the gate, Registration Gateway is easy to use. Parents only have to enter students’ information one time. From there, the student’s file is assembled. Moms and dads will be prompted by an automatic message if any additional information is needed. Instead of having to fill out new forms for every subsequent school year, parents merely inform schools of any changes such as a new address or phone number.

Authorized personnel at the school can then access student data immediately. The registrar has the power to approve automatic triggers. For example, at the touch of a button, the registrar could send district stakeholders real-time notifications. Security provisioning and document management according to district policies protect students’ cumulative folders.


Here are some commonly asked questions about Registration Gateway:

What’s the return on investment?

The most pressing question is often how much money you can expect to save with this technology. And the answer is quite a bit. Because Registration Gateway cuts registration time and cost-per-student by one-third, expect to see financial results within six months

What happens in the event of a disaster?

Back in the day, schools would have to devise methods to preserve paper records in the event of a fire or tornado, but it’s no longer a worry with Registration Gateway. Information gets backed up in several locations, so you never have to fret about losing a record forever.

What tasks can Registration Gateway handle?

This scalable solution handles tasks from enrollment to lunch programs. You can even use it to track transportation information.

What should you do with the money you’ll save?

It’s up to you. You’re welcome to use your excess money to better your school and students in any way you see fit.

Registration Gateway: Nothing else comes close

  • Return on investment: By slashing registration time and reducing cost-per-student by one-third, the Registration Gateway online student registration solution offers most school districts ROI in as little as six months.
  • Reduced cost: Hard costs for storage, supplies, mailing and labor are eliminated or reduced.
  • Disaster recovery: With information backed up in multiple locations, your data can never be lost.
  • Reallocation of resources: Let your staff worry about what really matters, rather than data entry and document management.
  • Scalability: Registration Gateway can handle anything, from enrollment to student activities, free-lunch programs and transportation.