QuickBooks Connectons


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QuickBooks Connectons



QuickBill automates the creation of vendor invoices (bills) and customer invoices from SmartSearch, providing users with immediate ROI results. QuickBill allows users to capture an invoice or purchase order into SmartSearch where data is extracted and pushed to QuickBooks for automatic bill or invoice creation, eliminating the need for manual data entry in a single, highly efficient process.


Delivering minimal change to a user’s current process, QuickScan allows for direct scanning into SmartSearch from within the QuickBooks interface. Information entered directly into QuickBooks is scanned to SmartSearch and indexed automatically, greatly reducing document filing and retrieval. QuickScan repurposes data from the open QuickBooks transaction, eliminating any additional filing effort.


QuickSync is a new feature allowing for database look ups from QuickBooks with the ability to share that data with SmartSearch or other line of business applications. QuickSync periodically polls QuickBooks and pulls data into an accessible data source, allowing for both manual and automatic synchronization of QuickBooks data to a user database.


Further extend your document access capabilities with QuickLinks, a feature that calls for documents stored in SmartSearch from within the QuickBooks interface, via GlobalSearch. There is no need to enter search criteria as QuickLinks uses the open transaction to pass the search data automatically.



  • Fast & Efficient: Complete tasks quicker than by manual indexing
  • Powerful Integration: Data is entered once and automatically shared with other applications
  • Greater Accuracy: Data is collected using OCR assisted automation tools
  • Multi-Company Support: Change which company the bill is being sent to by simply changing which database is open in QuickBooks
  • Improved Productivity: Process larger numbers of transactions in less time, with less resources
  • Business Scalability: Bundle or purchase as standalone products

Key Features

  • Automatic Bill Creation
  • Automated Invoice Approval Routing
  • Instant Invoice Matching
  • User Initiated Data Pushes
  • Automatic Data Population
  • Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry
  • Mobile Access
  • Assembly Bound Lists
  • GAAP Compliance
  • Secure Accessibility