Print Stations

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Print Stations


CPad terminals are touchscreen modules with an integrated PaperCut interface that plug into the desired MFD via an access port. CPad terminals are a hardware neutral solution and can turn almost any copier into a PaperCut tracked and controlled machine. CPad is a new hardware terminal thats been developed in partnership with PaperCut. It aims to bring the touchscreen funtionality seen on embedded solution to a vendor independant hardware offering

Tour of CPad Control Terminal


Mini Kiosk PRS 600

The Mini Kiosk B-600, a user-friendly and technically advanced versatile equipment available for market savvy institutions providing a self environment to users when recharging their PaperCut MF accounts using cash. The Kiosk accepts Coins (1c, 5c, 10c, 25c, $1) and Bills ($1, $2, $5, $20). Available for the US and Canada Markets.


PRS BC-9500

The PRS BC-9500 is today’s most comprehensive, compact and versatile station available for the Public Library Market. It is an all in one station where users can decide the print jobs they want to print while in complete control of their transaction in a self service environment, also very organized equipment integration with NO CABLES laying around.