PReS Connect

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PReS Connect

High-volume business communication management. Easy, Affordable, Reliable

Maybe you’re not a large multinational corporation, maybe you need to start sending digital communications on top of your printed mailings? Be smart about the solution you choose, make sure it does both, efficiently.

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PReS Connect has all you need

  • High-volume and high-speed printing
  • Print integrity with AFP and IPDS
  • Multi-channel communications capabilities

The smartest multi-channel customercommunication management software

High performance publishing

Everything starts from HTML

Flexible payment options

Produce high-volume of print, email and web pages, at high-speed thanks to highly scalable performance options and parallelisation. HTML email, SMS and web output are generated natively in PReS Connect, instead of being converted from print to HTML. The resulting communications are infinitely more flexible and stable. PReS Connect is available either as a perpetual licence with a service plan or through a yearly subscription that includes everything. Choose the licence model that works best for you.

What you get

Generating revenues is all about being reactive

Turning customer data into revenues while keeping the cost of business communications low, is a real challenge these days. Over the past few years, customer communications have become a key element in helping enterprises deliver better customer experience.

PReS Connect helps you:

  • Reduce document creation time
  • Reduce document production costs
  • Reduce postage and paper costs
  • Reduce data silos
  • Reduce response time
  • Reduce pre-printed document inventories
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce infrastructure and system costs