Pleasant Valley School District (PA) Registers Students and Onboards Employees with Registration Gateway and Human Resources Gateway from SRC Solutions, Inc.

Simplifying processes throughout Pleasant Valley School District is a goal well on its way to being achieved.

Pleasant Valley School District (PVSD) in Monroe County, PA, is comprised of 4 schools that cater to about 4,822 students. PVSD has partnered with SRC Solutions to improve efficiency in the student registration and HR onboarding processes. Registration Gateway and Human Resources Gatewayhave been a breath of fresh air to two outdated and manual processes.

As Superintendent of PVSD, one of Carole Geary’s primary responsibilities is as the liaison between the School Board and the faculty while exemplifying that the students and their families’ wellbeing are district’s highest priority. School districts have goals and PVSD is no different. SRC Solutions is excited to be a part of a process of exceeding district goals. From improving student performance by identifying opportunities for early intervention during the registration process or constantly collecting and disseminating accurate contact information for improved family communication, Registration Gateway solves district challenges.

With the amount of information that has to be collected for student registration, automation is becoming a necessity and that was the case for PVSD. Utilizing Registration Gateway, PVSD was able to turn the first, time consuming step of this procedure, parent data entry and collection, into an automated, auto-corrected, time-saving process. With the aforementioned step simplified, registrars at PVSD simply review and approve the student registration which then triggers immediate and automated data flow into PVSD’s SunGard eSchoolPLUS Student Information System.

“All parents must register with Online Enrollment. The parents either complete the registration information online before arriving at the registration office or they complete this part of the process at a work station located in the registration office prior to seeing the registration secretary,” says Geary. “This also allows us to serve more people on a given day making the process more timely for staff and convenient for parents.”

Patrick Maher, CEO and founder of SRC, has personally seen to the implementation and management of PVSD’s online solutions. He had this to say. “SRC Solutions is not a company that disappears from the scene once the product has been purchased and installed; technical support is there for each of our customers for the entire duration of the relationship. PVSD is a perfect example of an organization that sees the value of working with a partner like SRC that can provide solutions to increase efficiency in many areas of the district.”

“The tech support is one of the best things about Registration Gateway.” Along with the tech support, Geary’s believes that the saving of time for both parents and staff and the guarantee that all entered student data is clean, complete, and automatically organized are what sets SRC Solution’s Registration Gateway apart from other registration software.

Above and beyond student registration, SRC Solutions’ Human Resources Gateway has improved the process of human resource management for Pleasant Valley School District, in a way very similar to that of the student registration process. HR Gateway by SRC Solutions is a paperless, configurable, web-based portal that streamlines the intake of data as well as the retention and distribution of documents related to onboarding new employees. By collecting and storing employee information digitally, HR Gateway creates a streamlined office environment where storage, file access and security problems are things of the past.

About SRC Solutions, Inc.
SRC Solutions’ flagship product Registration Gateway has had a long and successful partnership with K12 school districts. Being a technology leader is nothing new to SRC Solutions. Going all the way back to 2008, Registration Gateway was one of the first Online Enrollment solutions to offer real-time data integration to Student Information Systems.