PlanetPress Connect

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PlanetPress Connect

With PlanetPress Connect, the statement we’re making is that sustainable business relationships are built by meaningful interactions with your customers.

  • A toolset for printed and digital communications.
  • Interactive communications that engage your customers
  • Native and widely spread web technologies.

A genuine toolbox
The perfect multi-channel communication toolset

The DataMapper was created so data in all your systems becomes available in one place. Queries can be stored so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time. The Multi-context Designer was created so datasets retrieved for a particular mailing, can also be used in other contexts such as for emails or on the Web. PlanetPress Connect’s Workflow automation tool has been around for years now and has proven its efficiency for designing and implementing automated business processes.
DataMapper Multi-context Designer Workflow tool

PlanetPress Connect provides a toolbox to produce and send highly personalised communications, no matter what distribution mode used: print, web, email or SMS.

The modules that make up this very powerful toolbox includes:

The DataMapper, for easy and intuitive data models extraction and creation.
The Designer, to create HTML communications that can be used in digital format or for printing. This tool allows alternating from one communication format to another i.e. print and email and sharing content and images, so that, in the end, the work is done only once.
The Workflow tool, known and loved by existing PlanetPress users, allows the automation of any process related to transactional communications.
An excellent bridge between systems

This new solution has the same philosophy with its predecessor –PlanetPress– and will easily integrate into existing systems organisations have in place. This means that minimal investment in IT infrastructure or consultation costs will be required.

Enhanced printing

With PlanetPress Connect it is possible to totally personalise printed outputs while enjoying advanced page layout capabilities and dynamic tools creation (tables, charts, etc.). It is also possible to connect to mass-mailing applications and add scan marks.

Native HTML for digital

Thanks to the powerful Designer tool, there’s no need to convert anything into HTML. The software creates communications directly in HTML, thereby providing new possibilities for optimal and interactive email or Web communications but allows to easily create printing formats with the same resources.

The Benefits

In the end, PlanetPress users will experience a reduction of their costs, an enhancement of their communication channels as well as better operational flexibility, while gaining clients’ acceptance and trust.