PersonalEffect Print Pro

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PersonalEffect Print Pro


If you work with variable documents that utilize all of InDesign’s advanced features or require strict color management through ICC profiles, the InDesign Composition Engine included with PersonalEffect Print Pro will provide the ultimate in creative freedom.

PersonalEffect Print + InDesign Server = PersonalEffect Print Pro

PersonalEffect Print Pro boosts the power of PersonalEffect Print by harnessing the InDesign Composition Engine in addition to XMPie’s own composition engine.

Receive any InDesign file from your designer and ensure accurate final output.

Fully leverage InDesign’s advanced design capabilities by outputting to the Adobe InDesign composition engine.

Define advanced business rules and logic for your campaign to determine the makeup of the final personalized document for each recipient.

Use a simple menu-driven approach where both novices and IT professionals can implement even the most complex rules and business logic.

Output your designs to specialty printers for more than CMYK colors or for post-print processes.

Output to print engines, such as the Xerox® iGen® 5, that support a larger color gamut, Pantone or spot colors.  Add gold or silver with the Xerox® ColorPress 1000i or enhance with digital finishing using a Scodix machine.

PersonalEffect Print Pro gives you a choice between two composition engines – depending on the job

PersonalEffect Print Pro gives you a choice between two composition engines – depending on the job

  1. XMPie’s XLIM document format and composition engine for the ultra-high speed composition of graphically simple jobs.
  2. Adobe’s InDesign composition engine to fully leverage InDesign’s advanced design capabilities.