ParentShare Gateway

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ParentShare Gateway

Is your district wasting time and money printing, folding, stuffing and mailing paper student-specific documents, like report cards, progress reports and schedules? Thanks to SRC Solutions, there’s a better way: ParentShare Gateway.

What can ParentShare Gateway store and deliver?

  • Report cards
  • Progress reports
  • Test results
  • Schedules
  • Behavioral evaluations
  • Permission slips
  • Any documentation that school districts typically mail to parents

ParentShare Gateway is a paperless solution designed to streamline the storage and delivery of student-specific documents. The system can instantly alert parents to new password protected documents via email.

With ParentShare Gateway, districts can reduce budget expenditures almost overnight, and allow staff to focus on serving students, rather than pushing paper. Best of all, the ParentShare Gateway document delivery and accessibility system encourages increased communication between school districts and parents – a core factor of an effective education.

ParentShare Gateway lets districts:

  • Securely store and email student-specific documents to parents
  • Pre-schedule delivery times
  • Set granular security permissions
  • Save thousands in printing costs, and free up hundreds of staff hours each year
  • Automate a process that typically takes days or weeks to complete

Let ParentShare improve your district

Now that you know how ParentShare works, check out its extensive benefits and learn why it might be a great solution for your district.

  • Fits into any budget: Districts can secure ParentShare Gateway funding through existing budget items.
  • Creates extra resources: ParentShare Gateway frees up resources, especially during paperwork-heavy times of the school year. During progress report and report card season, additional tasks are often delegated to districts, wasting time and money that can be better used for educational opportunities.
  • Eliminates waste: Moreover, ParentShare Gateway isn’t just a boon for the classroom – it’s great for the environment. Districts that use it greatly reduce waste. ParentShare Gateway prevents the use of thousands of sheets of paper, pounds of toner, envelopes and stamps.
  • Improves parent-school communication: Perhaps the best benefit of all is how ParentShare Gateway enhances communication between parents and schools, which, as educators know, is vital to a good education.


Now that you’re familiar with the function and benefits of ParentShare Gateway, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • How do parents see the documents? When a new report card is sent out, districts don’t have to worry whether the parents will receive them. With ParentShare Gateway, parents get alerts any time a new document has been released.
  • How soon can districts reduce budgets? A district that’s implemented ParentShare Gateway can cut back on budget expenditures practically overnight. This quick switch allows schools to immediately start reallocating staff so that they may address other important tasks.
  • How can a district start using ParentShare Gateway? Any district can sign up for ParentShare Gateway. It’s affordable for everyone.

SRC Solutions ParentShare Gateway provides an electronic document delivery process that reduces your district budget expenditures. It can be funded through existing budget items, including areas such as postage and supplies. Most importantly, SRC Solutions continues to enable increased reliable communications throughout the district and parent community.