Key Free Indexing


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Key Free Indexing

OCR Assisted Data Capure

On The Fly OCR

With the click of a button your scanned image is converted into intelligent text. KeyFree Indexing works on virtually any image file including PDF, TIF, GIF and JPG. KeyFree is not limited to image files however, it can also be applied to other digital records like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook email messages.

Click on the Information You Need

Now that your document has intelligence you can extract any information you need from the text and send it to an index field within SmartSearch. With one click you can grab a single word, a combination of words or even columns of data without the typical mistypes found in manual data entry processes.

Release Your Records to SmartSearch

With your data accurately captured, the indexed record is released to SmartSearch where it can be put to immediate work. Documents can even be conditionally routed through workflows based on the information extracted with KeyFree Indexing.

It’s really that simple

When activating KeyFree your images are converted to text based documents. Hover over any word, sentence or even a column of data and with another click it’s populated to a SmartSearch index field. KeyFree Indexing automatically advances your index field so you can grab the next piece of information needed for filing your document. When all the index fields have been captured, KeyFree Indexing takes you to the next record to be filed so you can process batches of documents in record time.

As part of the SmartSearch Enterprise Content Management core product, KeyFree Indexing is not only fast, but also incredibly accurate. By eliminating the common mistakes made during the data entry process like inversions or misspellings, your data is cleaner so it can be shared with other business applications. KeyFree Indexing will even convert your data to a standardized format of your choosing, for example, Month Day, Year will be become MM/DD/YYYY if that is your preference.

Advanced features include support for regular expressions for defining specific field formats like a date or order number. Once defined, KeyFree Indexing will “snap to” the formatted fields automatically during the indexing process for even faster capture.