Image XChange


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Image XChange


Content Intergration

Accurately Capture Data

With high flexibility, users can easily set a defined Image XChange search for immediate document access by simply creating a new, or selecting any stored, Archive search within SmartSearch.

Activate a Direct Search

Image XChange captures the information you need to run a search – right from your line of business application. Just hover over the data you want to locate and Image XChange will go to work!

Access Files Instantly

Following the defined Archive search, Image XChange will automatically display a list of any and all stored documents matching that search content, with or without SmartSearch being open.

Streamline your most critical business processes by leveraging a unique content integration between your SmartSearch installation and commonly used line-of-business applications. Image XChange enhances daily employee processes by effectively content-enabling native business applications, without the complexity or expense of standard integration.

The Image XChange tool provides any working department with immediate access to contracts, invoices, receipts or any other type of record scanned into the SmartSearch system. Utilizing Image XChange improves customer service levels and delivers enhanced visibility into a company’s overall relationship with a particular vendor, partner, client or employee. Image XChange spans the entire SmartSearch system to match your specific search data, allowing you greater flexibility while drastically improving productivity.

Common Applications

• While working within a financial application, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Accounts Payable staff members can select an invoice number and through Image XChange, trigger SmartSearch to locate and present all documentation related to that invoice, without ever leaving the accounting software platform.

• After securely storing records within SmartSearch, clinicians, therapists, physicians and other healthcare providers working within an electronic medical records (EMR) software system can instantly pull up and view a list of documents associated with a client’s medical history – including treatment notes, prescriptions, etc. – without leaving their desks or requesting assistance from another department.

• If a customer calls in, claiming that they paid for an order which was never delivered, the Operations Manager can enter into their Salesforce.comaccount and view the order number in question. From there, they can then initiate an Image XChange search with that specific order number and SmartSearch will return the associated invoice, payment receipt or POD on file, to validate that the purchase and/or delivery was made.

• To immediately access stored HR paperwork, like W-2s or I-9 forms, insurance enrollment applications and benefits statements, Human Resources workers can hold CTRL and Right Click on an employee name from within an email to automatically pull up all of the employee’s documents and gain better visibility into the missing paperwork they have yet to submit.

Key Benefits

  • Retrieve stored documents instantly from any business program you are working in
  • Fast and convenient access to documents by simply hovering over data and pressing CTRL + Right Click
  • Seamlessly integrate with your native business applications, including
  • Efficiently address immediate and specific business needs
  • Quickly access critical content for better informed decision-making