Global Sync


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Global Sync


Hybrid Cloud Document Management

Leveraging the power of Amazon’s S3 storage platform, SmartSearch customers can now reap the benefits of scalable, redundant, and durable cloud storage. Amazon S3 delivers 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability, all while giving customers fast and secure access to documents with Square 9’s GlobalSync integration. Both customers looking for a lower cost storage options for existing SmartSearch installations on cloud servers and customers with existing self hosted systems that wish to leverage the cloud can take advantage of GlobalSync’s unique approach to document storage.

With GlobalSync, customers are in complete control of their documents in the cloud. GlobalSync acts as a cloud gateway, connecting a customer’s S3 repository to the SmartSearch server platform. The customer can choose to store some or all of their document content in the cloud, and the customer owns the Amazon account used to store all of the data. For customers unfamiliar with Amazon S3, creating an account is a simple straightforward process outlined below in the technical notes.

GlobalSync and S3 offer the following benefits to SmartSearch customers:

  • Guaranteed 99.99% availability in the cloud
  • 99.999999999% durability in the cloud
  • Redundant data storage across physical devices and multiple data centers
  • Easy recovery of files from destructive actions
  • Standing encryption of document files
  • Lifecycle policies to enforce document retention rules at the file system level
  • Worry free, off site document storage without the need to maintain file system backups

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