Global Search C2


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Global Sync C2

Cloud Hosted ECM

Capture to the Cloud

Turn your multifunctional device into a centerpiece for cloud capture. Scan directly to GlobalSearch C2 through Secure FTP or leverage GlobalCapture to create workflows with an array of tools for automating your scan processes from the MFP.

Extend your Access

Enjoy untethered access to your documents no matter where you are. GlobalSearch C2 provides secure access to business content through desktop or mobile devices, delivering flexibility in performance to keep your business moving forward.

Working with Documents

GlobalSearch C2 allows you to work with your documents faster and easier than you would with a hard copy in hand. Navigate through pages, adjust orientation, view and edit index data, add an annotation or even apply your signature in just seconds.

Key Features

  • Access from your mobile device
  • Direct scanning into the Cloud
  • Direct integration with Dropbox
  • Document editing capabilities
  • Drag and drop or import features
  • Leverages Amazon Web Services

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Square 9′s GlobalSearch C2 platform extends the reach of your document management installation beyond traditional LAN, WAN or VPN access by delivering anywhere, anytime access to documents in the cloud. From any modern browser through your desktop or mobile device, GlobalSearch C2 keeps the flow of your business information moving. With GlobalSearch C2 your documents are always secure, always backed up and always available.

Cloud Based Platform

As the next generation of ECM technology, GlobalSearch C2 is a managed cloud infrastructure optimized to deliver a desktop experience through the browser, regardless of your web platform. GlobalSearch C2 leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud based computing to increase your productivity through efficient management of your documents. This is the same secure platform used by, SAP, Spotify and many other SaaS providers to host your critical data.

GlobalSearch C2 allows you to store critical documents with confidence based on a durability standard of 99.999999999%. GlobalSearch C2 uses one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) for standing encryption of your documents at rest. With GlobalSearch C2, store as much data as you want and access it when you need it. You can stop guessing your future storage needs and scale up and down as required, dramatically increasing business agility.



Document Capture

Handle one off documents or small batches through GlobalSearch C2’s drag & drop or import capabilities. GlobalSearch C2 can also be tied directly for scanning from your copier through a secure FTP (SFTP) connection. For organizations handling bulk capture of documents, including scanned images or email, GlobalSearch C2 leverages Square 9’s GlobalCapture for batch pre-processing where documents can be automatically separated, indexed and converted to text searchable PDFs before releasing to GlobalSearch C2.

Editing Capabilities

GlobalSearch C2 provides a full set of document editing capabilities including highlighting, redaction, sticky notes and even a fully ESIGN compliant tool for applying “wet signatures” with your finger or mouse. With the proper credentials, you can even download your documents from the cloud, work with them locally and then insert the new version when you’re done. You’re previous copy will be saved for future reference with the updated revision.


We understand the critical nature of document security so in addition to securing access to your records, GlobalSearch C2 also uses one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) for standing encryption of your documents at rest. When in transit, the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol protects the transfer of your documents through a combination of public key and symmetric-key encryption.

Operating System

As a true cross platform application, GlobalSearch C2 will operate on any mobile device. GlobalSearch C2 also allows you to easily switch between devices regardless of whether it’s a Mac or PC because the solution runs on any modern browser.