Global Capture


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Global Capture


Production Scanning

High speed scanning within SmartSearch

As a fully integrated module GlobalCapture delivers powerful features for batch capture automation. GlobalCapture supports any Twain based scanning device including multi-function printers (MFP’s), desktop scanners and high speed production devices.

Ensure A Quality Image Every Time

Preview your images as they’re being captured and make changes before they’re saved. With GlobalCapture you can insert, replace and rotate incorrectly scanned pages or clean them up with tools for de-skewing, de-speckling cropping.

Mine for Data while you Scan

Extract high value information from your images while you scan. With our unique KeyFree Imaging feature you can quickly grab a single field or an entire column of data with the click of a mouse. Available options include Zonal based OCR and Text based PDF creation.

GlobalCapture is the powerful scanning software interface that comes bundled with both the SmartSearch Professional and Corporate editions. With GlobalCapture you can rapidly feed scanned images directly into SmartSearch while leveraging the fully integrated tools for batch processing found within our Capture Workflow module. Together, GlobalCapture and Capture Workflow provide you with an easy-to-operate scanning system for tackling the piles of paper in your office with minimal effort. It’s the ideal way to preserve important data while at the same time eliminating all those old boxes that have been taking up valuable space.

Key Features

  • Scanning from any Twain based Scanning Device
  • Support for Kofax VRS
  • Real-time image preview option
  • Image enhancement tools including de-skew, de-speckle, color drop out and more
  • Controls to insert, replace or rotate individually scanned pages
  • Batch scanning tools for automated separation including OCR, bar code and blank page options
  • Zonal and Full Text Optical Character Recognition options
  • Release your scanned images directly to SmartSearch, to your network or even to both simultaneously
  • OCR assisted data entry with KeyFree Indexing