EFI Resources

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EFI Resources



EFI Self-Serve Retail and Hospitality BrochureMeet printing needs on-the-go with EFI Self-Serve products

EFI Self-Serve Campus and Library Brochure
Read about how the EFI Self-Serve and Payment System fits in to the printing and copying needs of today’s campus and library environments.


EFI Self-Serve AdminCentral DatasheetGet an overview of the cloud-based EFI Self-Serve AdminCentral and learn how it easily manages M500 stations right from a web browser.

EFI Self-Serve M500 Copy and Print Station Datasheet
Get an overview of the EFI Self-Serve M500 Station as well as the technical features and specifications.

Case Studies

EFI Self-Serve M500 Station Customer Story: Mount Street PrintersLearn how Mount Street Printers allows their customers to walk into the shop and make their own prints on the fly.

EFI Self-Serve M500 Station: University Center of Lake County case studyRead about how the University Center of Lake County manages printing resources and recoups cost with M500 stations

EFI Self-Serve M500 Station: The Westin Columbus case studyLearn how Westin Columbus offers convenient self-serve printing solution for their guests.

EFI Fiery, Digital StoreFront, Self-Serve: California State University case studyIntegrated EFI products increased revenue, speed, and student access that keeps printing on campus.

EFI Self-Serve M500 Station: Barry University case studyLearn how Barry University students and staff use EFI M500 Stations in locations across campus to print wirelessly from mobile devices.


BLI Product Review: EFI Self-Serve M500 Copy and Print Station
Check out the latest product review of the Self-Serve M500 Station and AdminCentral by BLI.


EFI Self-Serve PA-DSS Implementation Guide for AdminCentral 1.1.1See how to implement the EFI Self-Serve and Payment system, incorporating the Self-Serve AdminCentral Transaction Engine with PCI DSS compliance.