Hosted platform

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Hosted platform


A robust platform you can count on

The seemingly opposing desires of becoming more responsive to customers and lowering operating costs are increasingly top organizational priorities. Pursuing innovation while driving down expense at the same time? That’s a lot of pressure.

Success lies in a robust, flexible cloud infrastructure. Nuance OnDemand is the largest conversational customer service platform in the world. It offers both the latest in conversational IVR technologies and outbound campaign capabilities, creating a powerful, end-to-end self-service solution. Moving to the cloud shifts operating costs to a variable model and frees critical IT resources for strategic initiatives that transform the customer experience.

Reduced cost

Increased efficiency

Enhanced responsiveness

Cloud computing eliminates the capital expense of building a server infrastructure, shifts support costs and allows you to pay incrementally only for services used. Utilizing cloud services significantly reduces operational and system administration issues, allowing employees to focus on projects that move your business forward. Shorten project timelines and create a more predictable time-to-market by eliminating server and software provisioning, giving you the competitive advantage you need.



Delivering cloud essentials for over a decade

Nuance OnDemand offers operational agility to meet the growing demands for an exceptional customer experience while delivering security and reliability for peace of mind.

While the need for consistent service availability and guaranteed message delivery remains a priority, the need to protect sensitive data has become mission critical in the face of recent security breaches. Is it possible to get both from a single vendor? It is.

Reliability & security

Why Nuance

Safe, secure and reliable

Nuance OnDemand is fully secure – proactively addressing privacy, confidentiality, authentication, integrity, non-repudiation, access control and communication security. We operate in geographically redundant SAS 70 certified data centers which adhere to, are in compliance with and/or are certified according to stringent security standards, including SOX, ISO 27k, Level 1 PCI DSS, and HIPAA. Our stringent level of security and guaranteed performance provides peace of mind and confidence to focus on strategies that will accelerate your growth and success. We regularly submit to client audits, most recently for the US government and six of the top ten US financial services companies. But security alone won’t move your business forward. Nuance also offers Service Level Agreements for availability, for the delivery of a specified number of messages and within a predefined timeframe.

Operational simplicity

In many cases, the cost and effort required to keep pace with innovation is beyond your IT team’s capacity. Upgrades offering new functionality, improved speed or enhanced security may not be practical, delaying the benefits your organization needs to compete.

Why Nuance

Continuous innovation, as you need it

With Nuance OnDemand, you benefit from technology advances on an ongoing basis. As soon as a new or enhanced feature appears in the platform, you can begin using it. With our hosted platform, customers often benefit 12+ months in advance and can realize 20-30% performance improvement. Put the latest tools for improving customer experience to work for you. Nuance OnDemand removes your dependence on IT and gives your organization the productivity tools and self-service solutions they need to satisfy customers again and again.

Scale & extensibility

Offering outstanding customer experiences in a dynamic business environment requires both the ability to seamlessly integrate legacy IT infrastructure and rapidly scale service based on demand. Yet existing systems are often too fragile or outdated to incorporate cloud and web-based services.

Why Nuance

Agility that drives your business forward

Nuance OnDemand offers open, flexible APIs that minimize integration complexity – simplifying the process of connecting to multiple back office and call center systems on-premise, including ACD, CTI and CRM solutions. The platform boasts proven integrations with every major telephony provider and provides guaranteed levels of performance. Nuance OnDemand also provides the ability to adapt quickly to demanding workloads, whether expanding your service footprint or responding to an unplanned event. Automatically scale up without lengthy change orders, set-up times or delays, then scale down if traffic subsides. You pay only for what you use – providing the nimbleness your service operation needs to meet growing customer demands and increased competition.

Reporting & analytics

In a resource-constrained business environment – when you’re being asked to do more with less – you need the ability to easily evaluate performance, quickly make decisions and effectively communicate across your organization.

Why Nuance

Enhanced performance, improved productivity

Nuance OnDemand combines access to the data you need with tools to view, analyze and share meaningful results. Dashboards monitor interaction metrics, clearly surfacing any volume or performance variance. Call and campaign effectiveness is revealed through standard or custom-designed reports that include additional data for deeper analysis. Terminology and formats are configured to create meaningful, easy-to-share evaluations. In-depth analysis reveals the insights required to optimize self-service performance and increase ROI. Meanwhile, automated monitoring and intuitive dashboards improve your operational efficiency.