Conversational IVR

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Conversational IVR

A voice your customers can trust

Why conversational IVR: Touchtone and speech IVR might have been “good enough” in the past, but not anymore. Instead, conversational IVR engages callers using intelligent conversation: “Welcome back, Jim. Are you calling about the order you placed yesterday?”

Today, “easy” is the number one customer service demand – and a 20% increase in simplicity results in a 96% increase in loyalty. With nearly half of all customer service handled on the phone, an IVR that makes it easy for callers has a huge payoff.

Nuance natural language technology powers conversational IVR. Statistical models, intelligent dialogues and design best practices come together to predict and capture the intent of conversations – delivering answers and completing transactions faster than ever.

Creating a positive opinion of your company means making it easy for customers to get what they need. With conversational IVR, your callers will feel like they’re talking with their very own personal

It’s all about the experience

40% of callers will transfer out of your IVR if there’s not a first-level menu choice that matches why they’re calling 32% of consumers are more likely to use an IVR if it has a natural, conversational interface<t/td>


Powerful technologies for engaging solutions

Perfected through years of research and development by leading industry experts, Nuance core technologies power the solutions that enhance billions of customer interactions every year.

Powered by Automatic Speech Recognition, Nuance Recognizer delivers the industry’s highest recognition accuracy while encouraging natural, human-like conversations for self-service customer interactions.

Powered by Text-to-Speech, Nuance Vocalizer is an enterprise-ready spoken output engine that enhances the IVR experience and enables more human, personalized customer interactions.

Powered by Natural Language Understanding, Call Steering lets customers use their own words to describe why they are calling, resulting in a faster, more direct path to resolution.

As a multi-channel, cloud-based hosted platform, Nuance OnDemand delivers conversational IVR without capital expense or the operational demands of infrastructure.

Conversational IVR in action

Delivering a better experience Energizing customer service
Hear how FedEx deployed natural language speech technology on the Nuance OnDemand platform, delivering a more conversational customer experience and exceeding their self-service usage goals. Hear how Dutch utility company Nuon replaced their touchtone IVR with a natural language speech interface, improving customer satisfaction and reaping immediate business results.


Experienced support for exceptional results

Nuance professional services leverage years of experience and thousands of successful deployments to offer thought leadership and commitment to your results. We use the latest tools and techniques to design, develop, deploy and optimize your speech-enabled applications.