Capture Workflow


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Capture Workflow

Optimize your Office Equipment

Get the most out of your office equipment with tools to make it work with the efficiency of a production scanner. With Capture Workflow you can batch process scanned documents, improve image quality and automatically name or categorize them by type.

Automate the Flow ofBusiness

Our scanning automation software enables you to capture all your business information with a single solution – email, faxes, scanned images, Microsoft Office documents and more. Once captured, documents are routed for archiving or can be channeled to trigger a document-driven workflow process.

Extract High Value Information

Don’t just archive your records; mine them for information. With optional modules for template based Optical Character Recognition and full text PDF creation, you can extract critical information from your records or search within them by a key word or phrase.

Quickly Design and Deploy

Looking to automate the capture and distribution of document driven information? As a fully integrated module within SmartSearch ECM, Capture Workflow provides an easy to use interface for creating and maintaining capture automation processes through a highly intuitive drag & drop design tool. Capture workflow delivers a sophisticated pallet of tools for enhancing document capture, extracting high value data and automating its delivery to your user community.

Managing the Flo ofInformation

Users have several options for where they want the processed records to be delivered; scan to an Inbox within SmartSearch where documents are held in a temporary repository, to a SmartSearch Archive where the documents are directly indexed and filed away or release them to anywhere in the file system for access outside of SmartSearch.

Standard activities available through Capture Workflow include:

  • Image Enhancement – Poor quality images can automatically be enhanced with the ability to automatically deskew, depeckle and crop captured documents as they are being captured into SmartSearch.
  • Document Separation – Provides the ability to separate documents based on page count or the appearance of either a barcode or a blank page. This allows for batch scanning of records with automated page breaks where indicated.
  • Barcode Recognition – Allows administrators to create zones where barcodes are read and the data is used to index documents automatically to a specific field.
  • Email Import – Monitor an email inbox (POP, IMAP or Exchange) and automatically import and index the messages using the properties of the message. Administrators may optionally configure the Email Import Activity to import the message with its attachments or to ignore the message and import only the attachments associated with that record.
  • Import Document by File Name – Import bulk records and automate their indexing by automatically extracting the file name and assigning it to a SmartSearch index field. This feature includes the ability to parse data within the file name and assign it to multiple index values by designating a pre-defined delimiter to the process.
  • Auto Import Data & Document – As another valuable tool for bulk imports, this feature allows SmartSearch to monitor a “hot folder” for incoming records and automatically index the files based on an accompanying CSV file. Customers who share data and documents with external sources or rely on outsourced scanning services can now accept and directly import their converted files automatically through FTP rather than upload from a CD or DVD.
  • Route and Release – Send your documents directly to a SmartSearch Inbox, Archive or to a network directory. Office Workflow gives you the flexibility to even release to multiple locations simultaneously.

Also available are optional modules for the SmartSearch Capture Workflow which further optimizes MFP capture automation through Optical Character Recognition (OCR). These OCR options come in two flavors; Zonal Based OCR and TextPDFCreator.

  • Zonal OCR – Create easy to use OCR based templates to extract data from images with consistent data structures and further automate your indexing processes.
  • TextPDFCreator – TextPDFCreator is a server based option available for SmartSearch which automatically converts TIF or PDF based image files on the fly as they are scanned from your multi-functional device into SmartSearch.