Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Backup & Disaster Recovery


The Fully Managed BDR Platform for MSPs

Continuity247™ is a fully managed backup and disaster recovery platform supported by Continuum’s industry-leadingNetwork Operations Center (NOC) that monitors and verifies backups, provides recovery and testing support, troubleshoots and ensures backups run 24×7. Complete with robust secure data recovery and protection, reliable cloud (IBM’s Cloud, SoftLayer Infrastructure), Continuity247 offers flexibility, predictable pricing and a full suite of packages to maximize your margins.
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Reduce Total Cost of Delivery with 24×7 NOC Support

When it comes to BDR, MSPs typically face a number of challenges – perhaps the most time-consuming being the day-to-day monitoring, validation and management of client backups. Fortunately, Continuity247 is a different kind of backup and disaster recovery solution.

As a part of our Continuty247 disaster recovery service, our certified backup technicians are there to support your workflow. Our experts become your experts – and are ready to be utilized as a direct extension of your workforce by providing proactive 24×7 monitoring, troubleshooting, backup validation and more. When we’re doing most of the heavy lifting, you’re free to focus on client relationships and strategic growth.

When it comes to IT disaster recovery services, flexibility is essential. With Continuity247, we’ve built a platform that’s scales to meet the needs of any client. Thanks to a full range of cloud based and local deployment and package options, Continuity247 is designed to support any size business and maximize your margins.

Continuity247 is hardware agnostic, so you can take advantage of existing vendor relationships – and thanks to features like instant restore, support for hardware and software RAID, granular file and folder recovery, Continuous Data Protection™ and more, Continuity247 ensures your clients’ data is secure.

The platform is integrated with a world-renowned, reliable public cloud (IBM’s Cloud, SoftLayer infrastructure), and replicates data across multiple datacenters to guarantee security, reliability and availability. Our advanced security features such as block-level encryption and industry standard AES256 encryption for data at rest and in transit has you protected.

The platform is managed from a single pane of glass, with a user interface offering you streamlined, easy access to appliances and your stored data in the cloud. When combined with Continuum RMM, we deliver complete end-to-end IT management and data protection for your clients.