Address Purification Gateway

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Address Purification Gateway

How many students in your schools live out of district?
In many districts abutting rural areas that number can climb to up to 10% of your student population.

Can your district and community afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on out of district students?

How many times do you send a mailing out to parents only to find a significant number undelivered and returned by the Postal Service?

It isn’t uncommon to see up to 15% of addresses within a school’s Student Information System be undelivered through the US Postal Service.  These numbers grow even higher if your district uses a manual or online registration process that doesn’t effectively correct bad addresses.

Address Purification Gateway is recommended for schools and districts that have a data problem and have not been able to leverage the power of a complete Online Registration Solution such as Registration Gateway.

Once schools and districts migrate their registration process to Registration Gateway, Address Purification is not needed for any new address cleaning as Registration Gateway ensures only clean addresses into your SIS.

Let’s face it.  Without controls in place. no matter how hard we try bad data can and does get into Student Information Systems in one way or another and it can’t be left to grow and get out of control.

How much money can your district save by eliminating this problem.

Provide clean, reliable data to enable you to manage your district more effectively and efficiently

Mitigate absentee and dropout data by tracking student moves

Provide Geo-coordinates available to ease mapping and re-districting efforts

Reduce costs associated with undelivered mail to families perfectly organized.

“It continues to amaze me the lengths people will go to … the loopholes they will try to find,” said Maloy. “It’s a double-edged sword: We are proud of our schools, and that out-of-district families want their children to attend them, but our first responsibility is to provide the best education possible to students within our district”said Aspen Superintendent Dr. John Maloy.

Address Purification Gateway: Nothing else comes close

  • Return on investment: Earn your return on investment on the first mailing your school sends.
  • Reduced cost: As if initial mailing costs aren’t enough, your staff is now tasked with trying to identify correct, deliverable addresses.  This problem is no more.
  • Disaster engagement: Having correct addresses in worst case disasters is invaluable.
  • Scalability: Whether a school of 500 or a district of 50,000 Address Purification Gateway provides a value like no other.

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